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How We Got Started

Well, this is my new venture. I did not think my hobby and YouTube videos would lead to a business. I was getting great feed-back from Geeetech customers who needed help with their printers. I then decided to sell printers and help the customers when they needed it.  I began walking customers through the challenging steps to correct their individual issues. I have had frustrated customers sent to me so that I may help them trouble-shoot the issues they were having with their printer.  I have used Skype, e-mails, YouTube video comments, and my cell phone to help people all over the world with tech support. This helped smooth out the communication challenges some customers were experiencing buying product from China due to the time difference and language barriers.  Which is why you are probably reading this now. I did quite a few like this and just made the decision to take on my own customers or clients. I will personally see to it that you get the support you need to build your printer and get printing. As for making great designs to print out, or ideas that just need to be printed out, you're on your own but, I will try to steer you in the right direction. So this is a big deal for me going from unemployed to starting my own online business and I hope things do work out for the best. God willing.