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G3D Tech. Support For 3D printers (even ones you did not buy from me)

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Providing tech support over the phone, Skype, emails, and in person for a reasonable fee which will be charged separately (Local county/state, San Bernardino California is where i conduct my "in person" business but will travel for the right price)

Most customers are very satisfied with the support they receive from me. i will help you get started as well in how to use slic3r and understand some of the settings as well as google sketch up and how to export STL file. Mainly, I offer trouble shooting and repairs and firmware support for many types of printers. 

If it is out of my scope or If i just can't handle the repair, you will not be charged, unless it is a special request. I trouble shoot and/or repair CNC and many types of machinery for my other job where i charge up to $125.00 an hour but simple stuff i would drop the price and give breaks on drive/travel time charges.