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Geeetech Prusa Pro and Pro B upgrde kits

$145.00 $125.00

My first Pro Upgrade Kits.

This is a an upgrade kit that I have come up with. It will come with an assembled (will need adjusments for leveling) Left handed MK8 extruder and an aluminum bar to ,  It has many options to upgrade your Pro, Pro B into a Pro C or better

I will have the firmware uploaded to your printer board and then tested with a print that I will send with the kit. For now I am doing this personally. 

I have designed these kits to upgrade your 3D printer with the least amount of hassle.

With this kit you will Receive most or all the hardware you need for these conversions (mounting the board is excluded for now until I can produce mounting brackets for all the printer board options which can vary dramatically depending on your options.) so you can add a second extruder, auto leveling, etc. with tech support to help; you through the building process and firmware updates.

Due to shipping delays, it may take extra time to receive your product. It is dependent on Chinese Holidays and/or to my own Stock